Goshu is a powerful IRC bot, written in Python3. Utilising simple YAML configuration files, a fast, extensible module system and useful, configurable logging, Goshu allows you to create your own personalised IRC bot!

Goshu was written, initially, over the course of a few months to replace and replicate the functionality of a few other IRC bots. After a few revisions and rounds of updates, Goshu has a flexible, powerful feature-set, including built-in YAML-Python link recognition and data printing.


Although I do try my best to not break things when working on Goshu, I’m not aware of anyone besides myself using it. Thus, I’m not as worried about breaking module interfaces and such in minor ways, because I can fix my own modules without issue.

If you can’t program in Python, it may be best to use another well-proven IRC bot project that’s less likely to break compatability. That said, if you do run into anything, please feel free to mail me at daniel@danieloaks.net or make an issue in the Issue Tracker.

The documentation is split into two sections below, the first being for users of Goshu and the second for those who want to work on or write their own modules for Goshu.